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Meet the Editors

Jurisprudence Section Editors

The Section Editors choose the Contributing Editors and exercise editorial control over their section. In addition, each Section Editor will write at least one contribution (“jot”) per year. Questions about contributing to a section ought usually to be addressed to the section editors.

Professor Brian Bix
Frederick W. Thomas Professor of Law & Philosophy
University of Minnesota

Professor Robin B. Kar
Professor of Law & Philosophy
University of Illinois College of Law

Contributing Editors

Contributing Editors agree to write at least one jot for Jotwell each year.

Thomas Bustamante
Professor of Philosophy of Law
Federal University of Minas Gerais

Professor Sean Coyle
Professor of Jurisprudence
Birmingham Law School, University of Bermingham

Professor William A. Edmundson
Regents Professor of Law & Professor of Philosophy
Georgia State University College of Law

Professor Michael Steven Green
Dudley W. Woodbridge Professor of Law
College of William and Mary, Marshall-Wythe School of Law

Professor Andrew Halpin
Director, Centre for Legal Theory
National University of Singapore Law

Professor Larissa Katz
Associate Professor
Canada Research Chair in Private Law Theory
University of Toronto Faculty of Law

Professor Martin Krygier
Gordon Samuels Professor of Law & Social Theory
Co-Director, Network for Interdisciplinary Studies of Law
University of New South Wales Law

Professor Barbara B. Levenbook
Professor of Philosophy
North Carolina State University

Professor Edward L. Rubin
University Professor of Law & Political Science
Vanderbilt University Law School

Professor Brian Tamanaha
John S. Lehmann University Professor
Washington University School of Law

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